Commercial Services

Inland Water Transport is generally accepted as the most efficient mode of transportation from the point of energy Consumption, Lower cost of transportation and environment friendliness. The North Eastern region through which the Brahmaputra flows, has a considerable demand for essential commodities which have to move into the region from the rest of the Country and similarly local products have to move outside the region. Thus, there is a need for developing supplementary mode of transport besides “Roads and Railways”. The capacity for traffic expansion on existing rail links is limited. Movement of road ways is relatively costly and prone to blockades due to natural calamities. Overall road condition in North Eastern region is not all convenient for smooth movement of the essential commodities. As such. Inland Water Transport mode of transport should gel special attention for entire North Eastern region.

The stretch on the river Brahmaputra between Sadia and Dhubri(up to Bangladesh border) has been declared as National Water Way No- 2 in the year 1988 and afterwards, the proposals to active the commercial service have been moved for overall economical development of North Eastern Region .

A proposal on Inland Water Transit and trade exists between India and People’s Republic of Bangladesh since 1980. It has been renewed even 2(two) years since then (last renewal being made on Oct’ 1999).

In pursuance of Article (viii) of the Trade Agreement, both Government agreed to make mutually beneficial arrangements for the use of their water ways to commence

between two passage of goods between two places in one Country through

the territory of the other in accordance with the Laws of the country through the territory of which goods are moving.

Under this protocol, initially 4(four) ports of call in each country have been nominated as follows:-


INDIA SIDE:                                               BANGLADESH SIDE                                                   

I)           Kolkata                                                          I)       Narayanganj

ii)            Haldia                                                           ii)      Khulna

iii)           Karimganj                                                   iii)     Monggla

iv)           Pandu                                                           iv)      Sirajganj

In addition, the new\ routes “Ashuganj” and “Silghat” shall be added as new “Ports of call” and be deemed to be incorporated at the end of Article II of the protocol in the following manner.

BANGALADESH                                                                              INDIA SIDE

Ashuganj                                                                                            Silghat


The transit route through Bangladesh and the inter-Country trade routes have greater scope for increasing Inland Water Transport Cargo movement which encourage the economical development of North Pastern Region.

In the year 1974, the Directorate of IWT. Assam introduced the commercial cargo services for carrying goods for Assam to other neighboring states as per agreement .

The Inland Water Transport . Assam has so far transported different type of cargo including ODC machineries by its vessels through water ways and earned good amount of revenue for the state.



■             Transportation of ODC (Over Dimension Cargo) Machineries from Kolkata to Numaligrah for Numaligarh Oil Refinery in the year 1997. This had to be done as the road transport was not in position to transport such huge structure by road.

■             Transportation of ODC from Kolkata to Tezpur for Manipur State.

■             Transportation of ODC Machineries from Kolkata to Kaloa

■             Transportation of ODC Machineries from Kolkata to Barauni.

■             Transportation of ODC Machineries from Kolkata to Boxer (Patna)

■             Transportation of Boulders of Royal Kingdom of, Bhutan f mm Bhutan to Jogighopa (Assam )    and to Bangladesh ( Bhupur )

  • Transportation of Boulders from Farakka to Kolkata.



  •  Transportation of POL products of Numalighrah Oil Refinery from l)hansiri(Assam) to Bangladesh / Haldia.
  •  Transportation of products of ASSAM PERTOCHEMICALS LTD.  From Dibrugrah to Kolkata .
  •  Transportation of Raw Pctro Coke of Bongiaigaon Refinery and Petro. Chemical Lid.

I rom Jogighopa to Haldia.

  • Transportation of Meghalaya Coal from Jogigopa to Bangladesh and Kolkata.
  • Transportation of jute of .Jute Corporation of’India from Pandu / Dluibri to Kolkata.
  • Transportalion of Tea from Dibrugrah / Tezpur to Kolkata.
  •  Transportation of Tea and mixed fertilizes of Hindustan Lever Ltd. from (Guwahati / Dibrugrah to Kolkata.
  • Transportation of salt from Kolkata to Pandu / Dibrugrah.
  • Transportalion of Raw petro coke of Assam Oil ltd. from Dibrugrah to Kolkata.
  • Transportation of Paraffin Wax and Bitumen of IOC (AOD) from Dibrugrah to Kolkata.
  •  Transportation of Bamboo from Jogighopa to Panchgram, Cachar, Assam for Hindustan Paper Corporation.
  •  Transportation of Cement and food grains from Kolkata to (iuwahati & Dibrugrah
  • Transportation of ONCiC pipes and Equipment from Kolkata to Disangnukh.
  • Transportation of Tea garden stores. C ement , food grains from Kolkata to Neamati.
  • Transportalion of Cement food grains, timber . packed lube well and Bitumen         from

Kolkata to Dibrugrah.

  •  Transportation of food grains . Cement, fertilization, Steel , Bitumen for the state of Tripura from Kolkata to Karimganj .
  •  Transportation of food grains , Cement, Bitumen .steel for Mizoram, industrial materials for HPC . pipes of ONGC from Kolkata to Badarpur.
  • Transportation            of HPC products , Coal (Meghalaya) , forest product of Mizoram     from

Badarpur to Kolkata.

  • Transportation of ODC for NHPC from Kolkata to Gerukamukh, Dhemaji .
  • Transportation  of OIC for Gas Cracker project from Kolkata to Dikhowmukh.
  • Transportalion of LPG cylinder (Assam).

FCI transports huge amount of food grains to and from various parts of the stales by means of road transport basically involving huge expenditures annually. If IWT system is made available with intermodel network, a substantial part of FCI cargo can be transported through water way with very low expenses.

It is estimated that, about 8000 tones of BNTUMLN is being transported per month to North I vast from IOC Haldia Refinery . The Bitumen dump of IOC is located at Pandu . It is very convenient to transport bitumen from Haldia to Pandu through Water Ways with the deployment of TW I Voyages .

It is estimated that, there is scope for transportation of following quantum of annually by IWT Vessels through water ways with low expenses .

Caustic Soda (for  HPC)                   4,000 Tpa

Lime(for            UPC)                               1,20,000 Tpa

Alum (for          UPC)                               3000Tpa

Common Salt ( for HPC )                 16,000 Tpa

Coal (for HPC)                               16,000 Tpa

Packed lube Oil                               1,000 Tpa

Coal from Maglaya                         1,50,000 Tpa

Sawn Timber                                  4,00,000 Tpa

Paper of HPC                                  45,000 Tpa

Fertilizers                                        45,000 Tpa

To achieve a substantial set-up in traffic, thrust should be on the creation of infrastructure in form of

■              Fairway with adequate depth and width for maintenance of the proper navigability of the river route on NW- 2 from Sadia to Dhubri (up to Bangladesh border ) by way of channel marking / bandelling and dredging throughout the year.

■              Providing suitable “Night Navigation” facilities on NW 2 from Dhubri to Sadia.

■              Mechanical cargo handling System

■              establishment and maintenance of proper pilotage

■              Radio communication system .

■              Infrastructure and terminal development at Dhubri, .Jogighopa. Pand. Tezpur, Neamati. Dibrugarh and Sadia .

■             Establishment of a container terminal at Amingaon .

■             Protocol routes are to be extended to Dibrugarh without being restricted up to Pandu .

REVENUE EARNING (right from 1974-75)

(on available records) YEAR 




1. 1974-75 Rs. 1. 14.270.50
2. 1975-76 Rs. 7.86,790.00
1976-77 Rs. 9,08.825.00
4. 1977-78 Rs. 10.90,783.54
5. 1978-79 Rs 1 1,23,241.27
6. 1979-80 Rs. 12,36.141.16
7. 1980-81 Rs.
8. 1981-82 Rs. 18,24,954.22
9. 1982-83 Rs. 16. 37,780.14
10 1983-84 Rs. 20,27.132.79
11. 1984-85 Rs. 19,96.678.60
12 1985-86 Rs. 18.46,520.00
13 1986-87′ Rs. 18.78.728.00
14 1987-88 Rs 20. 10.992.79
15. 1988-89 Rs. 12, 32.160.43
16 1989-90 ‘Rs. 20,51.874.00
17 1990-91 Rs.23, 44.289.10
18 1991-92 Rs.30, 44.982.00
19. 1992-93 Rs.24. 76,925.90
20 1993-94 Rs. 18, 83,788.00
21. 1994-95 Rs. 39. 07.043.00
22 1995-96 Rs.42, 82.152.00
23 1996-97 Rs. 24, 27.127.00
24. 1997-98 Rs.55. 58.273.00
25. 1998-99 Rs. 60. 84.491.00
26. 1999-2000 Rs.73, 16,838.00


27. 2000-2001 Rs.61. 32,016.00
28. 2001-2002 Rs. 32.41.349.99
29. 2002-2003 Rs.33. 54.188.00
30. 2003-2004 Rs. 30. 56,463.00
31. 2004-2005 Rs. 82, 12.755.00
ri 2005-2006 Rs. 1,07, 49.547.00
33. 2006-2007 Rs. 1,40, 1 1.165.00
34 2007-2008 Rs.l. 82. 52.746.00
35. 2008-2009 Rs.l, 25, 92.473.00
36 2009-2010 Rs. 1,62,31,268.00
37. 2010-2011 Rs.l, 92, 11,899.00
38. 2011-2012 Rs.2, 22, 1 1.740.00
39. 2012-2013. Rs. 2, 06. 08,013.00

The objective of developing IWT as an important mode of transport cannot be achieved only through the provision of budgetary support. The Inland Water Ways Authority of India (IWAI) is the Nodal Agency for the development of the navigational Infrastructure in the National Water ways. Special attention is required to be given by IWAI for ensuring improved communication through Inland Waterways.

Railway network in NT Region is not very developed. Out of the total 2366.35 km of railways lines in NT Region, only about 1127.25 km is of broad gauge, while remaining track are meter gauge. The details of existing railways in NT Region are as follows :-

gauge gauge
Arunachal Rradash 1.26 1.26
Assam 1228 1057 2285
Tripura - 64.42 64.42
Nagaland 11.13 1.72 12.85
Manipur - 1.32 1.32
Mizoram - 1.50 1.50
Meghalaya . , — -
Total 1239.13 1127.22 2366.35


The areas that fall on NW-2 namely Dhubri, Jogighopa. Pandu. Tezpur and Dibrugarh are connected through railway network. It is estimated that, about 35 percent of the cargo using the railways incures demurrage for non- availability of rakes Though there is a vast network of State level roads and National Highways in Assam connected with different National Highways, but movement of Cargo through has its own probable like collection of toll taxes, the law and order problem and bad condition of roads in rainy seasons, thereby increasing wear and tear of the vehicle resulting in increasing in cost of transportation .


Total length of the river Brahmaputra 2800 km
Declaration of NW-2(Sadia- Dhubri) 891 km
No of Tributaries 41
Velocity Variation 0.35 m /sec 5.80 m/sccc
Water level variation 4.03 m 9.04 m
Length of the river Borak 152. km
No of Tributaries 12
Period of Month Max Velocity Min. Velocity
(M/s) (M/s)
January to April 0.70 0.35
May to July 3.50 0.61
August to September 5.80 1.30
Oct to December 1.40 0.40
Best from Best to Depth in meters
Bangladesh Border Tezpur 2.00
Tezpur Neamati 1.30
Neamati Dibrugrah 1.10
Dibrugrah Sadia 0.80



Station from Station to Depth in meters Distance
Source Kobo 2.00 0
Kobo Dibrugrah l.30 123 km
Dibrugrah . Ncamati 1.10 137 km
Ncamati Guwahati 1.00 371 km
Guwahali Dhubri 0.80 260 km


PROPOSED SERVICES                                      CONNECTED WITH


1. Bhuragaon Dhansiri Via Pavakkhati                                       Nagaland

2. Cinatoli- Neamati                                                                         do

3.Besamora Neamati                                                                       do

4.Sundri Dudhnath                                                                       do

5. Sunari – Goalpara                                                                       Meghalaya

6. Chunari –Dhubri                                                                      do

7. Mojarahar -NC to Dhubri                                                      do

8.Thallapara Chunari                                                                    do

9.Chunari to Kaboitori                                                                 do

10.Phatcngapara C’halakura Dudhnath                        Arunachal Pradesh

1 1. Dibrugrah Badarpur                                                 do

12. Dakshinpat- Neamati                                              do

13.Bogibil Karcngbali                                              do■

14.Silchar Phulertal                                                 Manipur.



Name of the scheme /project                                                             PROJECT AMOUNT

 1.1000 M l Capacity (kort Nozzle ) pusher Tug                                        8 nos. Rs. 64.00 crores.

2. 800 MT.Capacity (kort Nozzle) pusher Tug                                         8  nos. Rs. 56.00 crores

3.500 MT CapacityHold loading  Barges                                                  8 nos. Rs. 40.00 crores.

4. 400 M l Capacity Hold loading Barges                                                  8 nos Rs. 32.00 crores.

5.200 MT. Hold loading Barge                                                                    8 Nos    Rs. 20.00 Rs.crores.

6.200 M l Deck loader Barge                                                                       8 Nos    Rs.20 .00 crores.

7.  500  Cap. Self carrier vessel                                                                   10 nos     Rs.8000 crores.

8.Mechanical cargo handling system at respective terminal point of Dhubri, Pandu, Tezpur. Neamati Disangmukh , Dihrugrah and Sadia                                                                                    Rs. 20.00 crores.

9. Construction of 8 nos. 28.00 M floating Jetties at Major ferry ghat points on the River Brahmaputra                                                                                                                                    Rs. 40.00 crores.

10. Improvement of Dhansirimukh channel for transportation of products for Numaligarh Refinery                                                                                                                                         Rs. 12.00 crores.

11. Procurement of 4 nos. 500 Ml. Capacity self carrier oil Tanker vessel                                      Rs. 32.00 crores.

12.Procurement of I nos 750 M l self carrier oil tanker vessels                                                         Rs. 40.00 crores.

13.Construction of transit camp at Dhola and Tezpur                                                                        Rs. 3.00 crores

14. Navigation channel and fair way development                                                                               Rs. 100.00 crores.

Total                                                                                                                                                      Rs. 559.00 Crores.

At present, development of IWT mode of transportation in commercial sector is not up to the mark. There is a need for revival of the existing system by introducing a separate wing in order to activate the operation ol the commercial service in faster rale than ever before. IWT. Assam has the expertise and experience to undertake operations on a large scale. With adequate support from the Govt. IWT, Assam can emerge as the Principal IWT Operation not only in NT region but also in other part of country.


Assam prior to independence of India was administrated by British Government from the year 1820 to 1947. During British Administration, the colonial Government took many a steps to develop the communication facility in the state like as:-

■                In 1839 a fleet of Country Boats for carrying goods between Assam and Bengal started by Assam company Ltd. constituted by the then British Government in Assam .

■                In 1841. the first steamboat “THE ASSAM” was introduced for navigation on the river Brahmaputra by Assam leaves Company as advised by the Board of Directors of East India Company of British Government.

■                In 1861, Indian General Navigation Company (IGSNC)startcd Navigation service on the river Brahmaputra for carrying cargo in and out of Assam .

■                In 1862, another river steam Navigation Company RSNC started navigation service in Assam . The Head Quarter of the Company was at Guwahati in Assam .

■                In 1863, RSN Company started regular steamer services on the river Brahmaputra between Kolkata and Assam via Sundarbans.

■                In 1899. RSN & 1GSN Company were combined to form a joint steamer company and started regular services from Kolkata to Sadia covering a distance of 2201 kms, with 6 (six) feeder routes viz River Subansiri (130 km), river Dehing (35 km) river Disang (75 km), river Dekhow(35 km), river Dhansiri (40 km ) and river Kapili Kolong (90 km).

In view of the above, IWT. Assam is hopeful for accelerating the development of Water Transportation in Commercial Sector in order to provide an alternate mode of transport in the region with the formation of separate commercial wing and restoring the same to its rightful place in the overall transport system of the state covering the areas of the neighboring states and as well as other part of the country .

Accordingly ,the mission of the commercial wing is to provide leadership in the establishment, maintenance and operation of Inland Water Transport services by offering a sale, reliable, economic pollution free low capital-intensive and efficient mode of transportation alongwith the necessary construction and repair of the existing vessels for utilization in commercial operation as well as those of other agencies by using appropriate technology .

While considering the implementation of the operation and maintenance of the commercial services with the formation of separate commercial wing, the following aspects to be taken into consideration .


SI Name of the Vessel Hirer Govt.Approved TenderProcess LeaseoutPeriod Lease Amount Station At Remarks
1 DLB Beki M/S Eastern Navigation Pvt. Ltd. Kolkata No No 01-7-2009 to 30-6-2014 Rs.15,000/pm Kolkata Cargo Service
2 DLB Mezanki DO No No 01-11-2009 to 31-10-2014 Rs.15,000/pm Kolkata DO
3 HLB Amritprova DO No No 01-11-2009 to 31-10-2014 Rs. 15,000/pm Kolkata DO
4 HLB Chitralekha DO No No 01-8-2009 to 31-7-2014 Rs.18,000/pm Kolkata DO
5 T.F. Joysagar DO yes No 01-10-2009 to 30-09-2014 Rs.1,34,000/pm Kolkata DO
6 T F Lowkhowa DO Yes No 01-10-2009 to 30-9-2014 Rs.1,34,000/pm Kolkata DO
7 T F Haigriba DO No No 01-10-2009 to 30-9-2014 Rs. 1,34,000/pm Kolkata DO
8 T F Gourisagar DO Yes No 31-12-2009 to 31-12-2014 Rs.1,34,000/pm Kolkata DO
9 P T Ghatotkoch DO No No 27-02-2010 to 26-02-2015 Rs.1,50,000/pm Kolkata DO
10 P T Narakasur DO No No 01-11-2009 to 31-10-2014 Rs.1,50,000/pm Kolkata DO
11 M T Bhagadutta DO No No 01-11-2010 to 31-10-2012 Rs.80,000/pm Kolkata DO
12 P T Godapani M/S Om Shipping Co. Kolkata No No 01-01-2010 to 31-12-2012 Rs.1,50,000/pm Kolkata DO
13 RPL Bagbor DO No No 01-10-2010 to 30-9-2013 Rs.40,000/pm Kolkata DO
14 DLB Kedar DO No No 01-10-2010 to 30-9-2013 Rs.25,000/pm Kolkata DO
15 T F Tamranga DO No No 01-02-2010 to 31-01-2013 Rs.1,34,000/pm Kolkata DO


16 P T Arimatta DO No No 26-02-2010 to 25-02-2012 Rs. 1,50,000/pm Kolkata DO
17 T F Rongghor DO No No 26-02-2010 to 25-02-2012 Rs.40,300/pm Kolkata DO
18 RPL Kaziranga M/S Vivada Inland Waterways Ltd. Kolakata No No 12-02-2011 to 11-12-2016 Rs.40,300/pm Kolkata DO
19 M V Charaidew M/S Assam Bengal Navigation Co. Pvt. Ltd. Ghy Yes Yes 1-                   9-2003                to2-                   9-2023 Rs. 26,000/pm plus 12% per 3 years Guwahati River Cruise
20 PontoonDingdinga Mrs Ruli Ahmed, N.P. Path, Ghy-5 Yes No 01-6-2006 to 31-5-2021 Rs. 12,000/pm Guwahati Floating Restaruant (Court Case)
21 Pontoon Bagori DO No No 01-6-2009 to 31-5-2012 Rs.7,700/pm Guwahati DO
22 DLB Kakodonga M/S Punj Lloyed Ltd. Chakchaka Bazar, Berpeta. No No 01-7-2011 to 30-6-2012 Rs.33,000/pm Guwahati(Barpeta) Engaged in Const, of four lane Bridge
23 M V Dhansiri M/S K.R. Taders Pvt. Ltd. Guwahati Yes Yes 01-4-2013 to 31-3-2016 staff salary of 2 crews Guwahati FloatingRestaruant













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