• Transportation of ODC (Over Dimension Cargo) Machineries from Kolkata to Numaligarh for Numaligarh Oil Refinery in the year 1997.
  • Transportation of ODC from Kolkata to Tezpur for Manipur State.
  • Transportation of ODC Machineries from Kolkata to Kaota.
  • Transportation of ODC Machineries from Kolkata to Barani.
  • Transportation of ODC Machineries from Kolkata to Baxer(Patna).
  • Transportation of Boulders of Bhutan Govt. from Jagighopa to Bangladesh (Bhupur).
  • Transportation of timbers of meghalaya from Jogighopa to Kolkata.
  • Transportation of Boulders rom Farakka to Kolkata.
  • Organized “INTERNATIONAL FLOATING EXPO” named PRAGATI-2003,on the river Brahmaputra at Guwahati first in Asia with floating Area of 75000 Sq,ft by engaging 15 Nos. of different type of vessels.
  • Introduction of India’s First Long Distance A/C River Curies vessel “M.V. CHARAIDEW” in between Guwahati and Dibrugarh and important tourist places of Assam and opening of a floating DISCOTHEQUE on IWT Double Decker Vessel Pontoon Dingdinga at Guwahati.

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