Activities of IWT, Assam

  • Total Passengers Ferry services running currently: 97 Nos
  • (A) On Brahmaputra:

i) Guwahati Division: 50 Nos
ii) Dibrugarh Division: 27 Nos
(B) OnBorak: 20 Nos.

  • Total Cargo Cum Passenger Ferry Service: 97 Nos.
  • Commercial Services: IWT is operating its commercial service within Assam and local trips at Kolkata earning revenue through the 18 (eighteen) nos hired out IWT cargo vessels at Kolkata to private Operator.
  • River Conservancy: IWT Assam has its own Conservancy wing for maintaining proper navigability of the river route in ferry ghat points.
  • Crew Training Center (CTC) at Guwahati: The IWT directorate is maintaining a Crew Training Centre (CTC) at Guwahati for imparting training to the fresh candidates as well as in service personals of IWT Deptt. and other allied organizations of N.E. region both public and private sector. Crew Training Center at Guwahati was established in the year 1968.Till now more than 2000 local youth from other organizations have passed from this training center.
  • Floating Central Workshop: IWT is also having a Floating Central Workshop at Guwahati with repairing facilities of steel and wooden vessels/pontoon/barges.
  • Rescue Services: Accomodation has been provided to NDRF on board of IWT vessels at Guwahati.
  • River Tourism: Beautification of river bank at Guwahati is being taken up by IWT, Assam and a floating restaurant has been introduced at Guwahati including River Cruising sevice at Guwahati (both A/C & non A/C services are available)

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