History of IWT,Assam

  • In 1839 a fleet of country boats for carrying goods between Assam and Bengal Started By Assam Company Limited
  • In 1841,the first steamboat “THE ASSAM” was introduced for navigation on the river Brahmaputra by Assam tea Company as advised by the board of Directors of East India company
  • In 1847,Kolkata and Guwahati was connected with steamer service by East India Company for carrying goods.
  • In 1861,Indian general Navigation Company(IGSNC)started navigation service on the river Brahmaputra for carrying cargo
  • In 1862,another River steam Navigation Company (RSNC) started operation in Assam
  • In 1863,RSN Company started regular steamer services on the river Brahmaputra between Kolkata and Assam via Sundarbans
  • In 1899,RSN & IGSN Company were combined to form a Joint steamer Company and started services from Kolkata to Sadya with 6(six) feeder routes viz River Subansiri (130) ,river Dhansiri (40km) and river Kapili-Kolong(90km)
  • In 1950,there was a set back river navigation due to heavy earth quake on the river Brahmaputra
  • In 1963,as per recommendation of Gokhale Committee,the Directorate of Inland water Transport (DIWT), Assam came into existence
  • In 1965,there was another set back on navigation on Brahmaputra due to outbreak of the war with East Pakistan.
  • In 1968,The Directorate of IWT,Assam started its function with 6(six) nos. of FerryServices after taking over from state P.W.D.
  • On 1st November’1972 a protocol was signed between India and Bangladesh on Inland Water Transit & Trade.
  • On 20th November’1972,the River service between Assam and Kolkata via Bangladesh was started from Pandu Port.
  • In 1974,the Directorate of IWT,Assam introduced the commercial Cargo Services for carrying goods from Assam to other neighboring states as per trade agreement.
  • In 1988, the stretch on the river Brahmaputra from Sadiya to Dhubri (upto Bangladesh border) has been declared as National Waterways No-2 .

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