Organizational Setup

  • Directorate Under the Department:-The Director,IWT Assam and Chief Ship Surveyor is the Administrative head of IWT,Assam who monitors all budgetory provisions,expansion and development of ferry and commercial services both Brahmaputra and Borak.


  • Other Subordinate Offices:- The IWT Assam has 3 (three) nos Division Offices namely
    • Guwahati,
    • Dibrugarh and
    • Silchar

    .The Executive Engineer is the controlling officer of the respective divisions who are responsible to look after the smooth operation of ferry services and other establishment matters.

There are 5 (five) nos Sub-Division offices located at Guwahati (PPC Sub-Division) ,Goalpara,Jorhat,Dibrugarh and Hailakandi.
To look after the Establishment matter of commercial services,3 (three) nos commercial offices are establishmed at Guwahati,Goalpara, and Dibrugarh.
For imparting training to the Crews,one Crew Training Centre is established at Guwahati .

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