• Expression of Interest (EOI) for River Taxi on the river of Brahmaputra at passenger Ferry Services of IWT,Assam.
    Detailed EOI

  • Extension Notice: Extension Notice of submission of bids for Procurement of Night Navigation of Equipments.
    Detailed Notice

  • Auction Notice: Sealed quotations are invited for disposing unserviceable steeled vessels and dismentaled steel materials through auctions.
    Detailed Notice

  • Notice: Extension Notice for Institutional Strengthening and Business Planning.
    Detailed Notice

  • Notice:Invitation for Bids(IFB) for Procurement of Night Navigation Equipment.
  • Notice:Request for Bids Night Navigation Equipment.
  • Notice:Response to the Queries of the REOI for ISDP.
  • Notice:Submission of RFP , Dated : 17th May 2017
    Last Date of Submission of RFP for Selection of General Consultant for AIWTDS.
  • Notice: Request for Expression of Interest , Dated : 24th May 2017
    Request for Expression of Interest for Consultancy Services for Integrated Strategic Development Plan For Inland Water Transport In Assam.
    Draft Terms of Reference

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