Assam Inland Waterways – National Waterway II (NW-II)

Inland Water Transport, Assam (National Waterway - II)

Inland Water Transport, Assam (National Waterway – II)

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The river Brahmaputra having a length of 891 Km between Bangladesh Border to Sadiya was declared as National Waterway no. 2 (NW-2) on 1st September, 1988. IWAI is carrying out various developmental works on the waterway for improving its navigability as laid down in the IWAI act, 1985 (82 of 1985).

As per IWAI, Act 1985, IWAI is responsible to develop the waterway for navigation. Till 2012 IWAI had been maintaining a navigable depth of 2.5m in B’Border- Neamati (629 Km), 2.0 m in Neamati – Dibrugarh (139 Km) and 1.5m in Dibrugarh – Sadiya (Oriumghat) stretch. At present the waterway is being used by vessels of Govt. of Assam, CIWTC, Border Security Forces, Tourism vessel, other private operators. Long cruise tourist vessels are making voyages between Sivsagar near Dibrugarh and Mans wild life sanctuary near jogighopa regularly. POL.(petroleum, oil and lubricants) was transported through IWT from Silghat to Budg-Budg (West Bengal) and Baghmari(Bangladesh)

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