Fairway Development

The depth maintained in NW- 2 till March 2012 and that to be maintained by IWAI during 2012-2013 is given below in a tabular form:

    2011-2012 2012-2013
Sl.. No Stretch Depth Maintained(m) No. of shoals attended Depth aimed for 2012-2013 No. of shoals anticipated
1 Bangladesh Border – Pandu (255 km) 2.5 30 2.5 30
2 Pandu- Neamati (374 Km) 2.5 35 2.5 35
3 Neamati-Dibrugarh(139 km) 2.0 10 2.0 10
4 Dibrugarh- Oriumghat (92 Km) 1.5 15 1.5 15

The shoals (shallow areas) are being attended by bandalling (a conventional method of erecting bamboos and bamboo mats) to divert the flow to the main channel. Two dredgers (one Cutter suction dredger in B’Border-Pandu stretch and one Hydraulic surface dredger earmarked for specific purposes like rescue operation have also been placed in NW-2. Two more Cutter Suction dredgers are under construction which will be deployed in the remaining  stretches i.e. Pandu, Neamati and Neamati – Dibrugarh / Oriumghat .

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