Navigation Facilities

In order to provide the safe navigation for various cargo vessels, tourist vessels with foreign tourists, local regular service by private operators and mechanized country boats  day navigation marks with bamboos and  navigational lights fixed on country boats / Beacons have been provided from B’Border to Dibrugarh as detailed below:

Sl No. Stretch & Distance in Km Number of day marks Solar operated Navigational lights fixed on country boats/ Beacons
Lean Season Flood Season
1 Bangladesh Border – Pandu (255 km) 255 143 255
2 Pandu- Neamati (374 Km) 374 235 200(up to Silghat)
3 Neamati-Dibrugarh(139 km) 139 135
4 Dibrugarh- Sadiya (123 Km) 140 105

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